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All About Ron

Ron Grapes started playing the five-string banjo at fifteen in a small Missouri town. In 1978 he took first place in the ACE National Convention, in the string plecktrum catagory. While in college, Ron, played with several local bands in Chicago. It wasn't until the spring of 1994 after forming the bluegrass band "Crooked Creek" that he participated in his first studio recorded album. Later that same year, Crooked Creek won the Illinois State Traditional Country Music 1st Place award for Bluegrass bands. Ron was named Illinois State Champion on the five-string banjo catagory. Ron is self taught and teaches others a somewhat traditional Scruggs three-finger style. He has also taught many of his children upright bass, mandolin, and guitar. Ron currently plays bluegrass with his sons in a bluegrass band called Val-lee Grass. They play for local churches, senior citizens, and local festivals. He lives near Lebanon, Missouri with his wife and seven.... yes, seven kids (five sons and two daughters). Here his wife constantly reminds him it's not all about Ron.